sábado, 6 de octubre de 2007

Thelma and Louise Lil Kim and Foxy Brown

No Hay Carátula Oficial

Thelma and Louise

Track list:

1. No One Else (Foxy-Kim-Brat)
2. No Time (Lil Kim feat Puffy)
3. Foxys Bell (Foxy Brown)
4. Big Momma Thang (Lil Kim - Lil Cease feat Jay-Z)
5. I'll Be (Foxy Brown feat Jay-Z)
6. Who's Number One (Lil Kim)
7. Oh Yeah (Foxy Brown)
8. Another (Biggie feat Lil Kim)
9. Hardcore (Nas feat Foxy Brown)
10. Play Around (Biggie- Lil Cease feat Lil Kim)
11. I Shot Ya (Ll Cool J, Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe feat Foxy Brown)
12. Dreams (Lil Kim)
13. Touch Me (Case-Mary J feat Foxy Brown)
14. I can love You (Mary J Blige feat Lil Kim)
15. Ain't No Nigga (Jay-Z feat Foxy Brown)
16. Quiet Storm (Mobb Deep feat lil Kim)
17. Bang Bang (Capone-N-Noreaga feat Foxy Brown)

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