martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

Sophia Maria Twisted Game

Twisted Game

Track list:

01. Wathever You Want feat Mc Magic
02. Forget About Her
03. Twisted Game
04. Let's Go
05. So Good feat Mc Magic
06. Never Leave
07. Oh My My
08. Away
09. Just You and Me
10. Hot
11. Dedicated
12. Still Missing You
13. All Night Long feat Mc Blvd
14. Oh My My (reggeton)

jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

Suga T The Return of Suga T The Best is Yet to Come

The Return of Suga T The Best is Yet to Come

Track list:

01. Spindarellas Intro
02. The Game Needs Me feat Spice 1
03. Sprinkle Me feat E-40
04. Recognize
05. Keep it Movin
06. If I Took Your Boyfriend
07. Wo0lf Tickets
08. Serving Candy OG Remix feat The League E-40
09. Tired feat The Denver Homies
10. Back It Up feat Ms Toi
11. Work It feat Concious Daughters
12. Bottom To The Top
13. Asucar
14. Illusion
15. Ghetto Love feat Levitti
16. Family Fun feat The Click, The Mossie