viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

Mercedes Rear End

Rear End

Track list:

01. Its Your Thing ft Master P
02. Pussy ft The Ghetto Comission
03. Talk 2 Me ft Master P and Mia X
04. I Can't Tell ft Mac and Peaches
05. Hit' Em ft Mia X and A-Lexxus
06. Kiss Da Cat ft 1st Time
07. Niggas Ain't Shit ft Mia X
08. Bonnie and Clyde ft Magic
09. Pony Ride ft Peaches and Odell
10. Candle Light and Chamapgne ft Mia X
11. Camouflage ft Mac and Sam
12. Stop Playing on My Phone ft Master P
13. Hush ft Mystikal and Master P
14. What You Need ft Silk and A-Lexxus
15. Crazy About You ft Master P and Peaches
16. My Life ft Mr Serv-On and A-Lexxus
17. Free Game ft Lil Italy and A-Lexxus
18. Chillin ft A-Lexxus
19. I'm Down ft A-Lexxus
20. You're the Only One ft A-Lexxus
21. I Need a Thug ft Master P
22. Talk Dirty ft Master P

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