lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

Keny Arkana Désobéissance


Track list:

01. Désobéissance Civile
02. Reveillez Vouz
03. Ordre Mondial
04. La Rue Nos Apartient
05. Alterlude: Le Changement Viendra d'en Bass
06. Les Chemins du Retour
07. Terre Mer'e n'est pas'a Vendre
08. Alterlude: Pachamama
09. Cinquieme Soleil

Shanell A Taste Of Shanell AKA SNL

A Taste Of Shanell AKA SNL

Track list:

01. Play in My Band feat Lil Wayne
02. Substitute Lover
03. Party All Time feat Aubrey O' Day
04. Handstand feat Nicki Minaj
05. Suckaz in Love
06. Smoking Session feat Lil Wayne

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Monica Still Standing

Still Standing

Track list:

01. Still Standing feat Ludacris
02. One in a Lifetime
03. Stay or Go
04. Evrything to Me
05. If Your Were My Man
06. Mirror
07. Here I Am
08. Superman
09. Love All Over Me
10. Believing in Me

martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Armani Caesar Bath And Body Work

Bath And Body Work

Track list:

01. Bath and Body Work
02. Say My Name
03. Get Away Freestyle
04. Get Money Freestyle
05. Go Shopping feat B.E.N.N.Y
06. Boss Bitch feat Amg Rob
07. Make it Squirt feat Hooch Crillz
08. I Want Some More Dick feat B.E.N.N.Y
09. Armani Freestyle
10. Take You Home feat Don Juan, B.E.N.N.Y
11. Hear You Say feat Jhonnal, Jimmy Conway
12. Undercover remix feat Jhonnal, B.E.N.N.Y
13. How I Get Down
14. Been Around feat B.E.N.N.Y, Hooch Crillz
15. Bout My Bread feat Jimmy Conway, B.E.N.N.Y
16. Armani Freestyle
17. Buff City Symphony
18. Untitled