lunes, 8 de octubre de 2007

The Fever Ill NaNa 2 Foxy Brown

The Fever Ill NaNa 2

Track list:

01 Intro: Please, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood/Get Off Me
02 How You Want It (featuring Benzino)
03 Stylin'
04 Magnetic
05 The Original
06 We Makin' It
07 Superfreak
08 I Need A Man (featuring Letter M)
09 Streets Love Me
10 Fan Love
11 Memory Lane
12 Jumpin’ (featuring Fox-5)
13 Black Girl Lost
14 Open Book
15 Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
16 Why Why Why
17 My Life (Cradle To The Grave) [Part 2]
18 Bonus Track- Stylin [Remix] (feat N.O.R.E., Baby, Loon and Young Gavin)
19 Bonus Track 2- Magnetic [Remix] (feat Pharrel, Roxanne Shante)

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