martes, 16 de octubre de 2007

Ex girlfriend It's A Woman Thang

It's A Woman Thang

Track list:

1. X in Your Sex
2. Can I Get a Nasty
3. You for Me
4. Yes I'm Ready
5. Sexual Chocolate
6. It's a Woman Thang (U Wouldn't Understand)
7. Falling 4-U
8. Nobody Like You
9. I Want You
10. Back Together
11. Takes Me Away
12. Cost of Love
13. X in Your Sex (Between the Sheets-F.F. Remix)

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Anónimo dijo...

Ladіеs, if you're into foreplay as most of us are, slow the man down and demand your "play time". 'Mаma Told Me Nοt to
Сomе' is also a really fun and funny song to listen to, and one that really captures the feel of the film. Consider ditching the bedroom TV too or at least trying life without it for a while.

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