jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

The Flavor Unit MCs Roll With tha Flava

Andres Titus, Anthony Shawn Criss, Dana Owens, Derrick Jones, Dwight Myers, James F. Campbell, Roderick Roachford
Roll With tha Flava

Track list:

1. Bring Tha Flava, La' (Queen Latifah)
2. Roll Wit Tha Flava
3. Uuh feat D-Nice
4. Sounds Of Fatness feat Bigga Sistas
5. Badd Boyz feat Tha Almighty RSO Crew
6. Gimme Head feat Leshaun
7. Rough Enough feat Freddie Foxxx
8. Enough Is Enough feat Rottin Raskalz
9. Let Yourself Go feat Latee
10. Freak Out feat Nikki D
11. On The Bone Again feat Brooklyn Assault Team
12. Keep It Real feat Apache
13. Since You Asked feat Groove Garden (2)
14. Bring It On feat Naughty By Nature
15. Roll Wit Tha Flava
16. Hey Mr. DJ feat Zhané

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