jueves, 2 de octubre de 2008

Rah Digga Everything is a Story

Everything is a Story

Track list:

1. Intro feat. Ghostface
2. Street People feat. Young Zee & Joe Budden
3. Beat A Nigga Ass
4. Dare U To Cross
5. Party And Bullshit 2003
6. Party Ova Here feat. Lloyd Banks
7. We Could Get Down
8. I'm Rich Bitch
9. It's Gonna Get Worse
10. I'm Coming Back
11. Hot Tub feat. Snoop Dogg & Mr. Porter
12. On The Move feat. Mary J Blige
13. Lookin Da Same To Me
14. Straight Spittin feat. Brooklyn
15. Tell Me Why feat. Pink
16. See It In Your Eyes feat. Fabolous
17. The Way We
18. Bye Bye Niggaz feat. Trainin Room
19. You Don't Wanna Know feat. Young Zee
20. Better Lock Your Doors feat. Busta Rhymes & Claudette
21. Miss You
22. Where It All Began
23. Party And Bullshit (Remix) feat. Missy Elliot & Eve

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Grandisimo disco, una pena que no lo lanzaran a las tiendas, pero al menos se colo en internet.
Un saludo!