domingo, 8 de junio de 2008

Yo-Yo Make Way For The Motherlode

Make Way For The Motherlode

Track list:

1. Stand Up For Your Rights
2. Stompin' To Tha 90's
3. You Can't Play With My Yo-Yo Feat Ice Cube
4. Cube Gets Played
5. Put A Lid On It
6. What Can I Do? Feat Ice Cube
7. Dedication Vocals Mercedes Martinez
8. Sisterland
9 . The I.B.W.C. National Anthem Feat Dawn, Diamond, Sparkles
10 Make Way For The Motherlode
11. Tonight's The Night Feat Dazzie Dee
12. I Got Played
13. Girl, Don't Be No Fool
14. Ain't Nobody Better
15. Outro
16 More Of What I Can Do

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