martes, 29 de enero de 2008

La Bruja Brujalicious


Track list:

1. Brujalicious Advisory
2. Fuego (intro by Abuelita)
3. Olvidate feat Don Dinero Peligro Joell Ortiz El Gallo and Chingo Bling
4. I Like it but I Don't Need it feat Vivian Green
5. Mi Gatita Negra (intro by Marta)
6. La Isla Bonita
7. Boricua Boricua (intro by Don Jose)
8. Together feat Black Ice the Jungle Brothers and Dycr
9. Nuyorico Interlude
10. Nuyorico
11. Brujeria (intro by Bobbitto aka DJ Cucumber Slice)
12. Beso Peligroso featJadakiss and Peligro
13. Keep it Movin Like (intro by Lola)
14. Revento (intro by Pito)
15. The Jokes on You Jack feat Tony Touch and Doo Wop
16. My Heart Go
17. Trick or Treat feat Hurricane G
18. Unstoppable (intro by Maribella)

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